White Wood

The distinction between softwood and hardwood is botanical, rather than referring to the strength or hardness of the wood. Just like hardwoods, softwoods are not necessarily soft or less dense, it is just more likely that they are softer than hardwoods. The visual differences in soft timbers compared with hard timbers include things such as usually being lighter in colour and usually softer.

Softwood Timbers are used for a variety of applications from Construction Industry to Carpentry and Joinery. Softwood (also known as White Wood) available with us are from:



New Zealand

New Zealand White Wood Logs we can cut to your required custom sizes and lengths of up to 6 meter long.


Radiata Pine is a medium density softwood. It has very good cutting, re-sawing and finishing properties. It has excellent nailing, nail holding and screwing properties. Strength and stiffness are both good meeting the requirements of a range of packaging and construction uses.

Radiata Pine is suitable for a wide variety of uses and is popular in all types of construction, Furniture, Pallets and Packaging.