HardwoodTimber is one of the most sustainable resources available and it is one of the oldest known materials used in construction. Timber is a material that is used for a variety of structural forms such as beams, columns, trusses, girders, and is also used in building systems such as piles, deck members, railway sleepers and in formwork for concrete. There are a number of inherent characteristics that make timber an ideal construction material. These include its high strength to weight ratio, its impressive record for durability and performance and good insulating properties against heat and sound.

Timber also benefits from its natural growth characteristics such as grain patterns, colours and its availability in many species, sizes and shapes that make it a remarkably versatile and an aesthetically pleasing material.

Timber is usually supplied rough-sawn and as per client requirement we can chamfer, drill and plane on all sides of the timber.

Timber is classified as Softwood or Hardwood.